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    Jeewan Surakshya


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    Swornim Jeevan Beema


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  • Prime Life
    Saral Jeewan Beema

    Regular saving is the best tool to protect family against unseen future uncertainties. We at PrimeLife understand the value of savings and present a regular Premium Endowment Plan which will help save regular amount for a safer tomorrow.

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  • Prime Life
    Pension Plan

    You are still young and have the best years ahead of you. There's just so much to do right now that you don't even have time to think about your retirement. it's just too soon, right? Think again.

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    Jeevan Upahar Plan

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    Nari Jeevan Plan

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A commitment to secure the future

PrimeLife Insurance is one of leading life insurers promoted by Nepal’s leading and highly prominent business group having widely diversified business interests and expertise. Backed by robust distribution network and strong understanding of need and aspirations, we offer a comprehensive range of protection, child cover, savings and retirement products to individual and group customers.

Products and Services

Portfolio customized to suit deliver needs

Our varied portfolio of products and solutions are designed to address the evolving needs of our customers. Our broad spectrum of plans and solutions provide a comprehensive suite of traditional and unit-linked products and solutions that are suitable for a wide demographic range and income levels to secure their present and future.

Our Product Bundle

17 Individual Plans

4 Endowment Plans                                                    5 Money Back Plans
  •Prime Saral Beema Plan                                               • Prime Jeewan Upahar Beema Plan
  • Prime Single and Limited Payment Beema Plan        • Prime Sulav Money Back Beema Plan
  • Prime Life Micro Endowment Beema Plan                 • Prime Dhan sagar Beema Plan
  • Prime Sunaulo Option I and Option II Plan              • Prime Nari Beema Plan
                                                                                            • Prime SurakShit Awas Beema Plan
3 Term Plans                                                               1 Whole Life Plan
  • Prime Term Assurance Beema Plan
  • Prime New Term Assurance Beema Plan                   • Prime Jeewan Surakshya Beema Yojana
  • Prime Micro Term Assurance Beema Plan
1 Guaranteed Bonus Plan                                         1 Retirement Plan
  • Prime Shubhalabh Beema Plan                                     • Prime Pension Plan
1 Woman’s Plan                                                         1 Child Plan
  • Prime Naari Jeewan Beema Plan                                  • Prime Swarnim Jeewan Beema Plan

2 Group Plans

  • Group Endowment Plan
  • Group Endowment with Pension Option Plan

Thank you and warm welcome to Prime Life

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Our Products

  • Prime Jeewan Upahar

    PrimeLife Insurance Company has introduced an innovative new product as “Prime Jeevan Upahar Plan”, money back cum endowment plan with riders benefit as optional. The product is developed to cover high net worth people who are out of the ring of life insurance. This is a tremendously unique and special plan that offers multiple covers by providing UPAHAR POLICY (pure endowment) equal to the basic sum of PJUP plan. Both the policies mature at the same date with extensive benefits.

  • Prime Life New Term Assurance

    This insurance plan is more utilized for those who have a life insurance only for the fixed time period. Minimum 5 year period you can take life insurance for up to 35 years.

  • Prime Life Sulav Money Back

    Prime Life Sulav Jeevan Beema Insurance Scheme is a new kind of money back-life insurance scheme. Insured during this insurance plan after completing sometime of insurance period get some percentage of Insured amount is refunded, which helps you to fulfill your daily need works.100 percentage of insurance risk will be covered after the remaining term. The mind delivers much when insurance gets an over-all bonus amount.

  • Prime Shuvalabh

    Prime Shuvalabh This plan offers the Guaranteed Bonus, multiple risk covers as well as loyalty additions at the policy maturity. Product Launched On :- 22 June, 2021

  • PrimeLife Dhan Sagar

    Customers require funds for different requirements at different stages in life. Be it for child’s education, wedding or for old age. PrimeLife Dhan Sagar is structured to meet requirements at periodical intervals.

  • PrimeLife Jeewan Surakshya

    This product provides sum assured plus bonus at the end of the insurance period. Additional death risk cover for the entire life after the insurance period without any additional premium is provided.

  • PrimeLife Naari Jeewan Beema

    Exclusive insurance product dedicated to Nepalese women.

  • PrimeLife Pension Plan

    You are still young and might think it 's too soon to plan for your retirement. But it's always wise to start early. After all, why would you ever want to lose your financial independence?

  • PrimeLife Saral Beema

    Regular saving is the best tool to protect family against unseen future uncertainties. We at PrimeLife understand the value of savings and present a regular Premium Endowment Plan which will help save regular amount for a safer tomorrow.

  • PrimeLife Single And Limited Payment

    PrimeLife Single and Limited Payment Plan is designed to the people who wish to pay the premium in lump sum basis and who wish to pay premium for the limited payment.

  • PrimeLife Swarnim Jeewan Beema

    This plan is specially designed to meet the increasing educational, marriage and other needs of growing children. At PrimeLife, we understand the value of securing child’s future and offer a plan “PrimeLife Swarnim” to help secure a bright future for children.

Financial Highlights

  • Total Capital

    3,140.965 Millions

  • Premium

    29,451.511 Millions

  • Life Fund

    20,766 Millions

  • Total lnvestment

    20,546 Millions

  • No. of Policies


Information Officer

Mr. Rajan Prasad Adhikari
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